VOLVÉR is a fashion retailer bringing Eastern clothing to the Western world with its top brands from Asia and Europe. We partner with progressive and emerging labels for women's clothing, shoes and accessories that deliver a sense of a practical, unique and fashionable lifestyle.

Every brand at VOLVÉR tells a story. The look and feel of each brand stands for a casual yet luxurious elegance that refines femininity and masculinity. Familiar designs with a modern twist are the norm. The designs exude confidence. From delicate and romantic, to raw and street, you will find an essence of purity to the carefully curated collections on display.


VOLVÉR was built around the idea that everyday style can be effortless, yet elevated. Our clientel appeals to a unique and confident sense of style. 

VOLVÉR offers a full service comprised of a team of interior decorators. Taking on notable aesthetic, the team is comprised of members who are celebrated for their expertise and versatility, enabling our collective to successfully navigate our design focus among hospitality, retail, commercial and industrial environments.  

For your project to be considered, please email us at contact@volvershop.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.